The Master of Professional Accounting Programme is designed as a bridging programme for business and non-business undergraduates who are interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree in professional accountancy.

The Programme aims at nurturing graduates with solid knowledge and core competence needed for a professional career in accounting, which embrace extensive areas of audit assurance, financial and management accounting, taxation advisory and management and strategy consulting, and legal compliance work.

The programme structure, content coverage, and the teaching and assessment methodologies are designed to train up our graduates with up-to-date professional skills and critical thinking mind-set for solving real life business problems. At the same time, the programme aims at providing the students with the relevant training to prepare for CPA professional qualification after graduation, as well as the skills and capabilities to become lifelong learners, who can transform themselves into prudent managers and analytical practitioners in accounting and business.

Uniqueness of the MPAcc Programme

  • HKBU Master’s Degree
  • Approved by Ministry of Education
  • International Professional Accreditation
  • English as mode of instruction
  • Taught in UIC campus, Zhuhai
  • One-year study, 3 trimesters, 12 courses with 36 units
  • Target students: business and non-business students