Eddie Ng (4th L) talks with a student when visiting the Student Hostels and Cultural Village


Secretary for Education of Hong Kong Eddie Ng shared views on Hong Kong education and his life experience during his visit to UIC on 7 and 8 May.

Mr Ng addressed the attendants of a High Table Dinner and a Distinguished Lecture during the 10th Anniversary DBM (Division of Business and Management) Weeks. He also met with UIC’s Hong Kong students to learn about their life in Zhuhai.


UIC President Prof Ng Ching-Fai (L) meets with Eddie Ng


He spoke highly of UIC’s Whole Person Education experiential learning courses after visiting the House of Shedao (Chinese archery) and the House of Qin (ancient Chinese musical instrument).

The two-day visit convinced him that UIC’s education in mainland China is “a success.”







A visit to the House of Qin and the House of Shedao to get to know Whole Person Education courses






Eddie Ng visits the New Cultural Village and learns about the new campus design




Meeting with Hong Kong students


Inspiration and aspiration

At the High Table Dinner on his first evening at UIC, Mr Ng encouraged students to “serve to learn and learn to serve.” He revealed that relentless learning and dedication were the two things driving him all the way the last forty years.

“Being inspired is a good start, but never sufficient. You need to play your part, and build your own aspiration,” he added. “Don’t ever forget execution. You need to do it and try it. Don’t ever get fear of being there.”



 Eddie Ng speaks at the High Table Dinner


At his lecture the next day “Education and Competitiveness: The Case of Hong Kong”, he spoke of the city’s population strategy, education objectives and planning.

Mr Ng said: “The vision and mission of our education policies is to offer all-round and balanced learning opportunities to our students to tap into their potential for whole person development and lay the foundation for their lifelong learning. As such they not only learn successfully, but can apply what they have lear



Dean of the Division of Business and Management Prof Stella Cho (R) with Eddie Ng



Eddie Ng has a lunch meeting with UIC's senior management and director of the Zhuhai Municipal Education Bureau 



Reporters: Oceane Tan (ATS, Year 4), Deen He

Photographers: Vivi Xie, Simon Liu, Cheryl Chen, Deen He

Editor: Deen He

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