UIC teams achieved a historic victory at the Qualification Programme (QP) Case Analysis Competition podium in Guangzhou on 7 December 2014. The champions also received the Best Presenter Award.

UIC teams have won four titles in six years, and for three consecutive years now they have ended both first and second in this esteemed competition.



The champions receive rewards from Susanna Chiu (middle), adjudication panel member and HKICPA immediate past president.


Organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the QP Case Analysis Competition is one of the few advanced accounting contests in mainland China. It requires students to demonstrate their abilities in knowledge, teamwork, leadership, and analytical and problem-solving skills through their case analysis.



 UIC's winning teams, their advisors and Dean of DBM Prof Stella Cho celebrate after the competition.

In the first round, 414 contestants from over 50 universities were required to submit an executive summary with financial analysis of a business plan about the healthcare and medical beauty industry. Thirty shortlisted teams then presented elaborate reports in the second round, with the top eight teams chosen to compete in the final showdown.

Six teams from UIC’s Division of Business Management (DBM) took part in the second round of the competition, and three of them entered the national finals and achieved outstanding results.



The Best Presenter Zhu Zheheng and his teammates at the competition.


Dean of DBM Prof Stella Cho congratulates the winning teams and extends her heartiest thanks to the teaching faculty advisors.

UIC students have been participating well in the competition since it was firstly held in mainland China in 2009. One team ended as runner-up and another team received a Merit Team Award in the first year. In 2010, teams got the first place and a Merit Team Award. In 2011, a Merit Team Award was awarded. In 2012, one was crowned champions, another followed as runner-up, and the third team was awarded a Merit Team Award. In 2013, teams gained the first, second and fourth places, the Best Presenter Award, the Best Written Report Award and the Merit Team Award.


UIC’s winning teams in the QP Case Analysis Competition 2014:           

   Award      Team Leader      Team Member      Programme      Year      Advisor  
Champion LI Meiyi LI Meiyi Applied Economics 4 Dr Uchenna Eze
XIE Xiaoxin Applied Economics 4
TSANG Kwunfung Applied Economics 4
ZHU Zheheng (Best Presenter) Applied Economics 4
First Runner-up WANG Leyu WANG Leyu Finance 4 Mr Ben Wong
JIANG Yuheng Finance 4
ZHAO Yitao Finance 3
MO Wei Finance 3
Second Runner-up ZOU Huimin ZOU Huimin Accounting 3 Mr Thomas Leung
DENG Yujun Accounting 3
OU Jiayan Accounting 3
PAN Yiwen Finance 3


Source: http://uic.edu.hk/en/home/news/16577-uic-teams-make-clean-sweep-in-national-accounting-competition

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Photographer: Liu Yiyu

Editor: Deen He

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