On 28th January 2011, UIC obtained the accreditation of the Professional Accountancy Conversion Programme from the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA). In 2013, the programme again succeeded in being re-accredited as an approved Conversion Programme under the Institute’s Qualification Programme (QP). Conversion Programme started in the summer of 2011 at UIC. It is specifically designed for non-accounting students who aspire to pursue an international professional accountancy qualification, such as the HKICPA CPA qualification. This is a Certificate Programme and students are required to study and complete six subjects.

Students who complete the Conversion Programme and their own undergraduate degree at UIC are eligible to apply for enrolment into the HKICPA Certified Public Accountants (CPA) examination (the "QP" Programme). Upon completion of the QP Programme, plus specified three years of practical experience in accounting and related field, the student would be qualified to become a CPA. In addition, by attending this Conversion Programme, students will receive solid foundation training in the core subjects in accounting which should be useful for a career in accounting or in business.

2013 conversion reaccreditation

In 2013, Conversion Programme was re-accredited by HKICPA.

2011 conversion accreditation

In 2011, Conversion Programme was accredited by HKICPA.